Our Story

WCM is an independent creative studio making brave, attention grabbing, visual content for those in search of a fresh perspective.

Headquartered in London, UK, WCM works with clients across the globe to bring almost a decades worth of experience in creating targeted, engaging, and exciting visual content. Our work is a brave testament to our core values - originality, efficacy, a benevolent work environment, and an eagerness to embrace the unknown.

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Our Values \\

All that time spent travelling the globe, meeting (and producing content for) new people, and learning new things instils a certain sense of wander into a person. You get to see a few things when you've been adventuring for that long, and this wanderlust is heavily weaved into the work we produce. From the worlds largest desert, to the arctic circle, we've got the experience and the knowledge to track down and work in some of the most unique locations in the globe. Our team is ready.

At WCM, we strive to nurture authenticity, and value the brave creative voice. We believe creativity needs to be set free in order to flourish and produce beautiful things. There is a certain need for original and exciting content in the industry right now, and we're here to fill it. The work we do on a continual basis with our clients is proof of this.

We're proud of the benevolent work atmosphere we create with our clients, and it all boils down to making the process as smooth and easy for you as possible. Let us know what you need, and we'll get the job done.

Our Founder \\

Founded by Charles Carter, a man who embraced his love for the creative after completing a Bachelor of Science in Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation (and then proceeding to buy a one way ticket to the opposite side of the world), WCM was formed off the back of a passion for adventure, pushing creative boundaries and 8 years travelling the globe building connections and working as a freelancer.

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